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Yoga therapy

Methods of Yoga therapy include such techniques as breathing exercises, asanas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras, and mantras. Those techniques are selected and compounded for each patient individually depending on stage of the present disease and body reaction to prescribed procedures and treatments.

Yoga therapy guarantees a complete recovery but only when entirely engaging a patient in the healing process. Rather, than being a passive recipient of treatment, the patient is actively involved in the path to well-being and is primary responsible for the recovery process.

During the first consultation our yoga therapist identifies the problem and prescribes individual recovery program. If you are going to take a complete responsibility and be actively involved in daily practice, it won't take a long time to see initial results.

Yoga therapy like any other treatment must be taking place under the professional supervision of a yoga therapist.

In our center the Yoga Therapy is established based on traditional methods and principles that refers to studies of the great Yogi. For the past 15 years our unique yoga therapist Manodzh Nambron have cured many patients even from chronic conditions that are long lasting and do not heal quickly, such as lumbago, cervical spondylosis, hypo- and hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, eczema, epilepsy, mental disorders and many more. Under the guidance of our trained therapist, yoga therapy constructs all the tools by which healing as a process can be taken powerfully and safely.

One of the most important diagnostic techniques of the ancient science of Ayurveda is Nadi Vienna or pulse diagnosis. It is successfully used in Kerala center by our therapists. A skilled yoga therapist uses pulse not just for counting beats, but for detecting the existing status of patient's body, the condition of the various organs and the advanced warning signs of potential health problems etc.

The methods of Yoga Therapy is based on ancient Indian Yoga manuscripts, researches of the diseases roots and nature and many years of constant practice. It is an individual approach to each patient's treatment. Takes into consideration the body type constitution and anatomical features.

You can schedule an appointment for a Yoga Therapy consultation with Manodzh Nambron in Kerala center at the front desk.