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Panchakarma is an Indian secret of longevity

Four thousand years ago, long before such notions as detox or rejuvenation emerged, there appeared an effective complete body cleansing system, i.e. Panchakarma, in India. Despite achievements of modern medicine and pharmacology, this coherent method of purification and detoxification of every cell of the body remains relevant to the present day. Many people hear about miraculous results of

Panchakarma, but not everyone knows how the treatments works, what stages it includes, when the best time for this procedure and how to choose your doctor.

Panchakarma has significant preventative and therapeutic value. Procedures covered by this cleansing course help to eliminate toxins from the body, improve microcirculation system, to enhance body cell renewal and tissues rejuvenation. Scientific rationale for effectiveness of the Indian system was developed in 2002: scientists from Japan, England, USA and India studied blood value of those people who went through Panchakarma. It appears that level of toxins in the blood of subjects has decreased by 58%. Due to oils and herbal infusions, toxins stored in the body become water-soluble and it eases their elimination process. This procedure deals with a great number of diseases: autonomic disorders, cardiovascular and nervous disorders, digestive disorders, arthropathy, spine problem, allergy, gynecological disorders and so on. Panchakarma is also effective for healthy people to improve blood circulation, to fasten metabolism, for rejuvenation, to clean vessels from toxins and cholesterol, to cure chronic fatigue syndrome and restore vitality. Panchakarma helps a person to restore balance of doshas and harmony in the body, that is why we can call it the BEST Ayurvedic treatment for modern people.

“Pancha” means “five”, “karma” means “action” or “process”. Panchakarma process has not changed since ancient times. It includes five main procedures that are preceded by internal oiling (SPAN) and steaming and massage procedure (SWED). Purgation can include several stages: Vamana – emesis therapy (is prescribed for a few only);  Virechana – purgation therapy, Vasti – a complex of enema of medicated oil and a herbal decoction; Nastya – nose cleaning; Raktamokshana – bloodletting which is advised only in extremely rare cases.  

The whole course takes from two weeks to month. It is not necessary to take a vacation to purify your body. Doctor can advise you to split the course into stages or take only several procedures. Only highly skilled specialists – ayurvedic doctors and Panchakrma specialists – work at the Kerala center for Ayurveda and Yoga – therapy. Having long experience in Moscow, they have completely adapted ayurvedic treatment methods to the conditions of Russian climate and ecology, pulse and tempo of modern lifestyle in the big cities. While, from the very beginning, Panchakarma was used in India to prevent illnesses during rainy season – from May to September, under our climate conditions doctors recommend to take a course in the beginning of spring, autumn or winter depending on Dosha (type of constitution) of a patient. As doctors say, it is at the cross of seasons that the human body becomes more amenable and the skin can absorb medicated oils and decoctions at maximum level. At our center a doctor defines your type of constitution, evaluates your health condition by pulse, prescribes an individual complex of procedures, their duration, and advises a diet developed specially for you and choses the best time for body purification.