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Date and time: 27.07, at 19:00

Presenter: Zabelina Zaryana.

Place: cafe center "Kerala"

Duration: 3 hours.

Cost: 6 500 rub.


The leader of the transformational games at the Kerala Center, the conductor of the game “Lila” Zaryana invites you to play a new game – “The Kryon Code”.


The Kryon Code is one of the most unusual transformation games.

The game gives you the opportunity to connect with your higher self and, with the help of metaphors translated into precise numerical codes, reprogram your thinking.


The “Kryon Code” is clearer than dreams, and it helps to penetrate our unconscious processes and pull out old “triggers” - programs, fears, experiences, directing energy and attention to what is really important to us now.


The game is based on three different sources: Kryon number codes, the Lila Chakra game, and the I-Ching Book of Changes.


Presenter: Zaryana Zabelina

Zaryana is the co-author of the first Russian book about indigo children, “Stop raising children - help them grow.” Together with her mother Nina Nekrasova, she wrote more than 15 books, on which a whole generation of children of the new formation (indigo children) has grown up.

Zaryana has been a channeler or seer for over 30 years. In recent decades, she has been developing in the yoga tradition. In 21, Zaryana received the blessing to lead the temple version of the game “Lila” not for initiates, but for a wide range of people walking the path of awareness and knowledge.


What makes the game unique?

Knowledge and wishes, translated into numbers, help to quickly “digitize” your reality into the one in which you really want to live.

The game helps to remove unconscious hooks and build new neural connections between parts of our life, between desire and getting what we want.

The Kryon Code often copes even with those difficulties that haunt a person for quite a long time, when the usual methods are powerless. The game guide will help you find the source of problems in the subconscious and understand what you really want. With the help of numerical codes, Zaryana will help you redirect energy to the realization of desires instead of feeding old, outdated attitudes.


Who is this game for?

This transformational game is for everyone who wants to improve their life and achieve long-awaited harmony.

The Kryon Code game is unlike any other self-discovery tool. Even if you have been developing on the spiritual path for a long time or have used psychological techniques frequently and successfully, this process will most likely surprise you.


The game is very meditative, gentle and leads to very deep and desired changes in life.


Duration: 3 hours.

Cost: 6 500 rub.


Pre-registration is now open. The number of guests is limited - 7 people.

Detailed information and registration for the game from the administrators and by phone: + 7 (495) 646 13 31

Listen to our loyal customers

  • On Saturday, I had a one-day retreat at the Kerala Center. My expectations were not just justified! The day began with a consultation with Dr. Mohammedali Palasseri. It was very interesting to watch the doctor's work, as this technique differs from that of classical doctors. A lot of questions were asked, then I had a pulse diagnosis. All recommendations were essential, no waffling. After the doctor's visit, a yoga class with a teacher Kiran was scheduled. It wasn't easy! But an hour and a half just flew by! After receiving a boost of energy, I had Soma massage. What a relaxation and pleasure I got! And at the end of this retreat, a tasting set was waiting for me at the Uttupura cafe. I love Indian cuisine very much, so once again I had the opportunity to enjoy these incredible flavors! I would like to express my gratitude to the entire staff of the center of Yoga and Ayurveda “Kerala” for the wonderful moments, for this small piece of India in our metropolis. I have already planned next visit to the Kerala center for myself, and not just one!"

    Irina L.
  • I have been visiting this wonderful place many times.
    Today I want to leave a review about your wonderful girls at the reception. As they say, theater begins with the coat rack, and Kerala begins with the reception desk.
    Extraordinarily sensitive, attentive, beautiful and well-matched.
    Right from the entrance, you plunge into a world of harmony, calmness and relaxation. I am a demanding patient, but the girls are always on top. They will tell you everything, give you advice, answer all your questions and always help you with choosing a procedure.
    I wish you success and prosperity.

    Tatiana Orekhova
  • I would like to give my feedback on consultation with Dr. Jithin Ram. I started my first in life Panchakarma on December 01, 2022. My disease and reason for treatment as well, is long-term (more than 3 years). Diagnosis is drug-resistant depression. In addition to Panchakarma, I have had Reiki sessions (approximately 7 in total). I have noticed further positive changes in my body and feelings: my back is straight now (I used to be a slouch), I feel lightness in my body, I have much more energy, I am more sensitive  and open (I can cry easily), I wake up at 5:30 without alarm clock, I can make decisions faster, my face complexion has improved, almost 6 months I didn’t have any problems with my back and neck (all the chronic diseases), I almost don’t have  headaches (I don’t take painkillers), I eat less (fullness comes faster, I have lost 10kg in total), I want less sweets and most importantly depression is gone. I want to say that the doctor did wonder for me. I plan to continue treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Elena Mikheeva
  • Hello, I would like to write a feedback and express my gratitude to Dr. Jithin. Recently I have injured my ligaments, did overtraining in gym and this slippery weather related to the ice on the roads and falls. I had severe pain, I could hardly move around my apartment. Then I accidentally joined Instagram live-stream of Dr. Jithin related to ayurvedic remedies to cure injuries of different kinds.

    I made an appointment with the doctor - took a taxi and then hardly crawled from the car to the cabinet. He made fast and accurate diagnosis and prescribed body massage. It was hard to believe but from Kerala Сenter I went home by metro my self. Just a miracle! Moreover three months before I did Panchakarma with Dr. Jithin. I didn't notice any immediate effect, therefore I didn’t have any health issues. But now three months after procedure, I can say that it's very effective. I didn’t catch any illness related to high temperature and epidemic, and my digestion is perfect. In general I feel myself very good.

    One more time would like to express words of gratitude to the doctor and best wishes to my beloved Kerala Center. You can post my feedback freely anywhere you find it essential.

    Elena Fialkovskaya
  • Good afternoon! In June 2022, on the advice of friends, I came to this clinic. To be honest, I had no hope that they could help me here. The fact is that for two years I have had problems with my gallbladder, which have reduced the quality of my life to zero. Clinics and doctors of the so-called traditional medicine could not help me. Dr. Mohammedali Palasseri prescribed treatment, and I was also able to purchase medicine here.

    It's August now and I feel great! It’s impossible to describe the feeling when, besides pain and constant nausea, you feel that the world is beautiful, that you can work calmly and enjoy your life! The treatment is still continues, but for the first time in two years, I have the confidence that by following the prescriptions and advice of Dr. Mohammedali, I will be fine.

    Elena Lebedkina