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Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies which effects human’s body.

Due to various factors most people nowadays have blocks and stagnations of this energy. How one can reveal this?

If you:
  • do not feel physiological appetence to the opposite sex;
  • notice pains in the genitourinary system from time to time;
  • identify symptoms of infertility,
then, most likely your energy channel is throttled by energy or emotional blocks.

The therapeutic thai massage Kasai, which is based on the effect of the energy points of external and inner organs of the reproductive system, can save your body from blocks. With the help of certain movements the master impacts the physical body, making it free from psychological block in the pelvic region. This technique suits both men and women.

As a result men will get rid off:
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • problems with the prostate gland;
  • disorders of the seminal and urinary channels.
Women will get the following results:
  • this massage restores functioning of reproductive organs: ovaries, uterine tubes and uterus;
  • it balances the secretion of reproductive glands;
  • makes menstruation painless;;
  • enhances libido;
  • increases the sensitivity in the perineum.
Harmonization of the flow of sexual energy is important not only to get rid of problems with genitals but for general health as well.

In the “Kerala” center You have an opportunity to gain general harmony and to fill yourself with the power of this vital force by attending the procedure of this unique thai technique Kasai, which is perfectly mastered by our specialist Wisanlaya.

Please feel free to ask detailed information the administrators of the center or call us: + 7 (495) 646 13 31.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I found my massage master! First, Napassorn Manuel, Thai massage master is a true professional in her field; second, she is a nice and comfortable person in communication. And what a great result I got after she worked with me with her gifted hands! In February I picked up my suitcase from the luggage carousel with my left hand and I damaged the arm. I had a diagnose “Damage of the rotator cuff - supraspinatus and subscapular muscles on the left”. Whatever osteopaths, massage masters, gym centers and therapists I visited during the year, the relief lasted for a couple of weeks and then pain resided again. Within that year my arm became less mobile, the sleep got disordered, my hand and back of the head got numb while sleeping. As a result, my body got deformed, I started to have headaches and pain in my legs, especially in the knees. I prepared myself for a surgery. It seemed to me that I already had tried all the methods. In December I decided to experiment once again and to try Thai massage. I visited Napassorn 4 times in total. During the New Year holidays and whole next month I didn’t even remember either about my sore arm, pressure in the legs at night, pain in the knees while walking or headaches. I thank Napassorn and the Supreme God for my peaceful nights and my way to recovery. (January 2020)

    Client Liliya Garifyanova
  • Dear masseurs, I’m very grateful to you! When I left the center, I had so many positive emotions. You gave me peacefulness. Thanks a lot! SOMA massage, 9th group (Nikesh, Arun) (December, 2019)

    Anargul Artagalieva
  • I’ve wanted to go to India and been dreaming about it for a long time, but … 22.03.19 I sent my Message to the Universe and after one month, May, 25th, the master Imram appeared in my life – a student of Sai Baba from India. In September while I was planning my trip to Moscow I accidently read a post of the “Kerala” center on Instagram. I called India – it came to my life. On Instagram I found out, that the doctor Nil would arrive in November. It was a magical coincidence. I took part in the “Marma therapy” and had a consultation with a doctor. I’m truly happy! After finishing the course I feel like I am flying. To begin with, I am very grateful to the Universe that India itself came to me! Thanks a lot to the doctor Nil! For his blissful hands! Om Sai Ram. (October, 2019)

    Happy person. Marina from Germany
  • I would like to express gratitude to Dr. Mohammedali and to praise Shidjah in particular. She is accurate and professional. I got today the NASYA and SOMA procedures done by Shidjah and Radjiti's brigade №6; now I understand how qualified they are, both in terms of quality and time. I will definitely come again. Thank you. (October 2019)

    Butovichenko Yulia
  • This is an astonishing massage! I was literally “enloved”! Every my cell! This is simply “WOW!” I lived in India and it is not so easy to find the professionals of such rate! The girls are amazing; everything is very professional, deep and done with a very nice energy! I express my gratitude to all who took part in creation of this wonderful place! Namaste! (October 2019)

    Elena Pozdeeva