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What makes a woman attractive?  A beautiful face?  Shiny skin ? Luxuriant hair?  Give care to yourself: magical hands of our beautician Jensy will help you to recover your flourishing look and feeling healthy after our new procedure ‘’Nalina’’.

What makes a woman attractive? A beautiful face? Shiny skin ? Luxuriant hair? Give care to yourself: magical hands of our beautician Jensy will help you to recover your flourishing look and feeling healthy after our new procedure ‘’Nalina’’.

This complex of procedures has a wonderful effect for the face, head, neck and low neck area. An hour of ultimate bliss and relax will show amazing results:

  • -skin hydration and nutrition, face line lifting, skin tonus and elasticity recovery;
  • relaxation of the face and eyes muscles, reducing the swelling;
  • releasing the tension of neck area;
  • elimination of the symptoms of headache.

Procedure starts with the head massage and higher and lower neck areas.

The cosmetician massages you, using ayurvedic oils, that have deep health-giving effects on the skin and hair. The master stimulates the circulation of blood, actuates the nerves endings. Your skin will receive the necessary nutrition and hydration, you will get rid of the headaches and neck tension, and also you will have your body relaxed.

The end of the complex “Nalina” is a facial massage, that includes:
  • clearing up the face skin with the special ayurvedical tools;
  • light piling;
  • face massage, higher and lower neck areas massage, delicate massage for lips and eyes;
  • cooling compress;
  • application of the barrier cream.
Even after the first massage you will see the changes in your appearance and in your health!


This procedure is recommended for everyone, without any age limit and it is good for all skin types. After an hour on heaven in deep relax, you will see the changes on your face and feel the changes inside.

Put yourself in Jency’s experienced hands and support your youth and beauty!

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  • I want to thank the entire Kerala center. Especially administrators, ladies Natalya, Anastasia, Maria and Natalya for their empathy, delicacy and politeness. I love their shift. I also want to express my gratitude to my yoga teacher, Samjith, he made my body even more perfect and beautiful. Thank you so much for being you! I always come to this place with pleasure.

    Vainman Tatyana Evgenievna
  • I want to express my gratitude to Minu and Athira for the wonderful hands of these two masters. I want to thank the chef for delicious and simple dishes. For a pleasant atmosphere.

    Anastasia Nepomilueva, Saint Petersburg
  • I want to express my thanks to master Natkamol. I had an absolutely great antistress massage made by her. She finds points of tension in the body with an incredible accuracy. One can feel years of practice and professionalism! Sincerely thank you for such a master!

    Lukutina Nataliya
  • I don't come here very often, but there is no doubt that here is always an island of tranquility, harmony and health! Each of my visits is a pleasure and relaxation on the back of big city life and a huge amount of stress! I am sure that feedback from customers is very important for the center management, so I am writing this review and I really want this review to come to the attention of the management.I want to express my deep gratitude and endless appreciation to the Thai master Nipa for the extraordinary energy, mastery of massage and the deepest attention to details, to pain and health-related problems! Nipa saves me every time, she just relaxes me like no one before and since I have problems with my back and neck, I always feel great after Nipa's massage! Now there are many Thai massage masters, but Nipa is the best!! Please do not disregard my review and motivate (reward) this master! Thanks a lot for your professionalism.

    Natalya Primak
  • Good afternoon! I would like to leave feedback on the consultation of Dr. Jeetin Ram. I was at the second consultation with the doctor and I can say that the appointment left a lot of positive emotions. The doctor listened to me very carefully, examined me, gave a lot of useful pieces of advice during the first appointment, and the medicine and treatment that he prescribed to me began to fructify the very next day after the start of treatment! A week later, I felt completely refreshed. I am very grateful to the doctor for a productive consultation, as well as sensitivity and delicate attitude during the appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Jitin! Thanks! Sincerely,

    Irina Sedova