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Ayurveda and yoga center

“Ayurvedic classics” program

This is a wonderful gift both for true Ayurveda lovers and those who are only starting to get familiar with it.

  • Ayurveda beginners will discover well-tried treatment methods with help of natural means and will feel the benefits of holistic approach used in Indian medicine;
  • Ayurveda experts will be able to check out the quality of Indian specialists’ work and enjoy the healing effect of long-loved procedures and yoga classes.
Ayuveda teaches us to be more careful with our true needs and to live with integrity. When Ayurveda becomes one’s lifestyle, one gets free from diseases and ailments as well as starts to understand one’s body and its functioning better. If you’d like to keep and maintain your health in a natural and well-proved way, it’s just the time to share classics of ancient Indian medicine!

“Ayurvedic classics” program is the best way to learn Ayurvedic lifestyle! The program includes:
  • consultation of an Ayurvedic physician;
  • group yoga class;
  • SOMA massage (Abyanga) in VIP area;
  • meeting Indian cuisine in “Uttupura”
During this program you will have a little journey to the world of ancient Indian traditions. You will find out a lot of new things about yourself on the doctor’s consultation. Feel all the nice experience: relaxation on the massage session, energizing on the yoga class and gastronomic delight with rich tastes of Indian cuisine!

Consultation of an Ayurveda physician

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A visit to the Ayurveda center always starts with a doctor’s consultation. Here you will learn your natural bodily constitution, current state of your body and how to achieve the balance of all doshas in your body. After examination, diagnostics and a detailed talk, the doctor will tell you about important needs of your body and the changes you need to adopt in your daily routine and food for effective treatment and prevention of diseases. In order to make your visit to the center as fruitful as possible the doctor will give recommendations to massagistsregarding the areas that need more attention during the procedure.

Group yoga class

Аюрведическая классика 3
Ayurveda and yoga cannot be separated, and according to Ayurveda, yoga practice is an integral part of the daily routine. Regardless of your age, physical strength and health condition, hatha-yoga practice will be priceless both for your body and mind. It will provide flexibility to your joints, lengthen your youth, and relieve the stress. Following an experienced yoga teacher from India you will learn the right techniques of asanas and more conscious attitude to your body.

SOMA massage (Abyanga) in VIP area

Аюрведическая классика 2
We suggest you relaxing after the yoga class and entrust yourself to careful Indian massagists’ hands. SOMA massage (Abyanga) is Ayurveda trademark. It is a synchronized oil massage of the whole body performed simultaneously by two massagists. During the massage energy channels called Nadi are affected. Prana, or vital energy of the human travels though these channels.

SOMA is an incredibly pleasant procedure which helps to relax, relieve the stress and tiredness, and get rid of chronic pains. Thanks to stimulation of circulation and lymph flow this massage has a rejuvenating and regenerating action.

Meeting Indian cuisine in “Uttupura”

Аюрведическая классика 4
A cozy feast in “Uttupura” will serve a wonderful ending of the day. Here you will be able to taste unusual and rich vegetarian dishes of Indian cuisine cooked according to the original recipes. These dishes are sure to impress you by their unique taste and flavor and you will feel like coming back here!

Let Ayurveda become a source of health, energy and harmony for you! “Ayurvedic classics” program will bring a lot of joy to you and make it possible to enjoy all the treasures of India!

Duration of the program: recommended to have within 1 day.
Validity period: 30 days.

Specialists of the Center

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Undoubtedly, this place is worth visiting for everyone. From the first minutes of being in the center you are saturated with the atmosphere of calm and harmony. Very helpful polite staff. I’m taking a course. I have a lot ahead. However, I can confidently say that from the very first procedure, changes are felt. First of all - a surge of strength and increased internal tone. I really, really recommend the 1st Women's Brigade, Shija and Moli. They are magicians! You know, after the procedures I don’t want to leave the place! Thanks! (March, 2020)

    Miroslava, now, happy person
  • My daughter advised me to expel toxins and lose weight to strengthen immunity. The wonderful doctor Mohammedali recommended to take oil – not so scary! Massage with steaming is a miracle! Strongly recommended! Girls from the 3rd brigade Latika + Bindu are magicians with wonderful hands. Thanks a lot to them! I am looking forward to seeing them again during our next procedure. (March, 2020)

    Tatyana, free person and astrologist
  • I found my massage master! First, Napassorn Manuel, Thai massage master is a true professional in her field; second, she is a nice and comfortable person in communication. And what a great result I got after she worked with me with her gifted hands! In February I picked up my suitcase from the luggage carousel with my left hand and I damaged the arm. I had a diagnose “Damage of the rotator cuff - supraspinatus and subscapular muscles on the left”. Whatever osteopaths, massage masters, gym centers and therapists I visited during the year, the relief lasted for a couple of weeks and then pain resided again. Within that year my arm became less mobile, the sleep got disordered, my hand and back of the head got numb while sleeping. As a result, my body got deformed, I started to have headaches and pain in my legs, especially in the knees. I prepared myself for a surgery. It seemed to me that I already had tried all the methods. In December I decided to experiment once again and to try Thai massage. I visited Napassorn 4 times in total. During the New Year holidays and whole next month I didn’t even remember either about my sore arm, pressure in the legs at night, pain in the knees while walking or headaches. I thank Napassorn and the Supreme God for my peaceful nights and my way to recovery. (January 2020)

    Client Liliya Garifyanova
  • Dear masseurs, I’m very grateful to you! When I left the center, I had so many positive emotions. You gave me peacefulness. Thanks a lot! SOMA massage, 9th group (Nikesh, Arun) (December, 2019)

    Anargul Artagalieva
  • I’ve wanted to go to India and been dreaming about it for a long time, but … 22.03.19 I sent my Message to the Universe and after one month, May, 25th, the master Imram appeared in my life – a student of Sai Baba from India. In September while I was planning my trip to Moscow I accidently read a post of the “Kerala” center on Instagram. I called India – it came to my life. On Instagram I found out, that the doctor Nil would arrive in November. It was a magical coincidence. I took part in the “Marma therapy” and had a consultation with a doctor. I’m truly happy! After finishing the course I feel like I am flying. To begin with, I am very grateful to the Universe that India itself came to me! Thanks a lot to the doctor Nil! For his blissful hands! Om Sai Ram. (October, 2019)

    Happy person. Marina from Germany