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Indian women are famous for their beautiful, thick and glossy hair. Once having a look at it, you will involuntarily question yourself – how do they do this? Indeed, Indian women have their own secrets, which can now be disclosed to us.

Kerala center offers Henna hair care procedure. It is based on ayurvedic cosmetology traditional receipts. A special medicated solution is prepared in advance and, to make it more efficient, this solution is kept in dark place for twelve hours. This magic agent contains only natural ingredients, where the most important ones are henna and ground coffee. These ingredients stimulate active hair growth, add up to its gloss and strengthen hair roots. If you prefer copper shades, you may ask cosmetologist to use colored henna, if you like dark chocolate shades, though, we may add colorless henna to the solution. Ladies with fair hair should be careful, for even colorless henna may slightly change hair color.


  • Head massage
  • Mask
  • Head wash  


  • Natural mask of henna, ground coffee and other active herbal elements, which is prepared by our cosmetologist 


  • Strong hair
  • Hair growth stimulation
  • Healthy look and gloss of your hair

Indications and contra indications 

This procedure is perfect for nourishment of weak, fragile and dull hair, as well as for those people who tend to lose hair. This procedure disagrees with people who are hyper sensitive to ingredients.

Post-procedure recommendations

  1. Use natural shampoos
  2. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a month to achieve best effect

Specialists of the Center

Listen to our loyal customers

  • I’m Iowu Lilia.

    I want to thank two girls massagists for a wonderful massage.

    Regards, Lilia.

  • I had the facial massage by our new cosmetologist Lidia Lavrova. I decided do it regularly. She works deeply, powerfully, hands are warm and sensitive, 100% professional. Thank you so much!

    Domracheva Olga Lvovna
  • I like a new cosmetologist Lydia. Nice to converse, discreet and enormously experienced. She does sculptural face massage absolutely masterly! The technique is fantastic and the effect is wonderful and visible right after the procedure.

    Client of the Kerala Center
  • I would like to express gratitude to the yoga teacher Samjith for yesterday’s practice. I haven’t practiced yoga for a long time, because I completely fell in love with Gym, as I thought. But lately I felt tremendous tiredness and lack of energy. And yesterday something brought me here, to “Kerala”, I wanted to attend exactly Samjith’s class, as it’s been a while since I was at his class. After his class I had a sense that I was a musical instrument, which was tuned and it sounded. Energy and tone, good mood – I didn’t have to wait for them to come. Thank you so much for your existing,– that amazing center of yoga and such a wonderful yoga teacher!

    Viktoriya Zherebtsova
  • Today I visited cosmetologist at my favorite Kerala Center! I am absolutely delighted! I had been looking for a cosmetologist for a long time, and had asked to invite a specialist to Kerala. Nice to know that I have been heard! I did peeling and massage, and didn’t recognize myself after 1,5 hours. Skin is glowing, it is lifted, mood is perfect! Thank you!

    Manaka Alisa