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Apsara – beauty ritual

In ancient India beautiful female inhabitants of heavenly planets, women that deprived gods of their kingdoms and sages of all their austerities’ fruits were called apsaras.

There is no coincidence these rituals got such name, for they allow every woman to open up her attractiveness as long as her natural magnetism and make her body divinely beautiful from the tips of toes to hair ends. Initially, these procedures were intended for brides, as far as it is the wedding day when every girl wants to look perfect and truly compelling. According to tradition, Indian bride starts to prepare a few days before wedding ceremony – she takes fragrant baths, anoint body and hair with special aroma oils, decorates her hands and feet with mehendi patterns. After that she, as wonderful as apsara, stands in front of her groom. 
In India, it is considered that genuine beauty originates from inner harmony and calmness. Therefore, along with the ancient cosmetic secrets an integral part of Apsara ritual is relaxing procedures, for example, head massage with herbal oils and full body massage with aroma oils from herbs, flowers and fruits. And, of course, among the relaxing effect such kind of massage enhances lymph circulation and eliminates toxins from skin, what makes it soft and gentle. For maximum effect natural piling based on herbs, milk and fruits extract may be added. Esthetic pores cleansing stimulates rejuvenating of the cells, makes skin clean and fresh, and soft massage and peeling recovers skin elasticity, narrows pores and helps to sooth wrinkles.  


Kerala center provides three options of the Apsara ritual with different sets of procedures: Apsara Rambha One ancient legends says that apsara Rambha emerged from the foam during the Causal Ocean churning. Her glowing white skin was immediately ranged as the fairest celestial beauties. 

The ritual includes:

  • Head massage with herbal oils
  • Full body massage with aroma oils from flowers, healing herbs and fruits Apsara Menaka Apsara Menaka was so much delightful that she managed to distract Vishvamitra from his mediation and conquer his heart for many years, while no other beautiful woman nor before nor after… 
  •  Esthetic face skin cleansing
  • Gentle massage and full body peeling
  • Cooling body mask for activating internal skin reserves and exchange processes Apsara Urvashi Apsara Urvashi was born from lotus by mystical potency of the sage Narayana, and she was the most good-looking among the apsaras. Thanks to her unearthly beauty which could be compared only to the goddess of fortune, the apsara became the Lunar Dynasty king’s wife. She is called forever young and elusive, a source of divine joy and great suffers.
  • At the end of each ritual our beautiful apsaras go to shower, so after that a cosmetologist may apply special moisturizing cream with glowing effect all over the body and face to make skin more smooth, soft and attractive.  


  • Natural aroma oils from herbs, flowers and fruits
  • Gentle natural peeling based on milk and medical herbs
  • Cooling body mask  


  • Immediate skin rejuvenating
  • Deep cleansing and toxins removing
  • Blood circulation and intercellular exchange processes improvement
  • Skin turn over
  • Skin elasticity improvement
  • Ageing and wrinkling protection
  • Significant rejuvenation effect
  • Smoothening of complexion and healthy radiance of skin
  • Soft and smooth body

Indications and contra indications 

Apsara traditions are suitable for all skin types. The procedures cannot be held, when having fresh scratches, cuts, burns or acne rash. It is not recommended for children under 18. 

Post-procedure recommendations

  1. It is not advisable to use soap and other facial cleansing cosmetics within 24 hours after procedure
  2. Wash your face with pure water
  3. Avoid direct sun
  4. Avoid sauna and other exposure to high temperature within 4-5 days after procedure

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  • I like a new cosmetologist Lydia. Nice to converse, discreet and enormously experienced. She does sculptural face massage absolutely masterly! The technique is fantastic and the effect is wonderful and visible right after the procedure.

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  • I would like to express gratitude to the yoga teacher Samjith for yesterday’s practice. I haven’t practiced yoga for a long time, because I completely fell in love with Gym, as I thought. But lately I felt tremendous tiredness and lack of energy. And yesterday something brought me here, to “Kerala”, I wanted to attend exactly Samjith’s class, as it’s been a while since I was at his class. After his class I had a sense that I was a musical instrument, which was tuned and it sounded. Energy and tone, good mood – I didn’t have to wait for them to come. Thank you so much for your existing,– that amazing center of yoga and such a wonderful yoga teacher!

    Viktoriya Zherebtsova
  • Today I visited cosmetologist at my favorite Kerala Center! I am absolutely delighted! I had been looking for a cosmetologist for a long time, and had asked to invite a specialist to Kerala. Nice to know that I have been heard! I did peeling and massage, and didn’t recognize myself after 1,5 hours. Skin is glowing, it is lifted, mood is perfect! Thank you!

    Manaka Alisa