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18.02 (Sunday), 13:00 

Practical seminar “Dynamic yoga for power and physical stamina development”. Yoga teacher – Shiva


The class will combine bikram and vinyasa yoga asanas. These practices help to increase physical stamina and stretching and to develop power for people living in a big city high pace.

Life in big cities makes people get used to harsh quick pace but this busy way of life is not an obstacle for a prepared body. The magic stick here is right combinations of yoga practices, mainly in bikram and vinyasa styles, that allow to fix the balance between your body and mind. These practices help to increase physical stamina and stretching, to develop power and to broaden the physical abilities of a human body. During the class, abdominal, shoulder and lower body muscles will be affected. Deep stretch will be practiced at the end of the class. Remember the asana sequence from this class and make this practice your daily routine! You are going to feel refreshed, mobilized and physically strong very soon. Feel the big city energy with dynamic yoga!

Price: 1,000 RUB.

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Listen to our loyal customers

  • Thanks a lot for the great first yoga class with Sunil Dahiya. It was energetic,  emotional and very efficient. I’ve managed to do what I’ve never considered as possible. Your center is very cosy. Great thanks to “Kerala”!

    Ekaterina Tryasoulova, film director.
  • Thanks a lot to the massage team №1, Shidzha and Lidzha for a great massage.

    Alimova Yana Olegovna, teacher of a higher educational establishment
  • I enjoyed the massage by 9th group after Panchakarma. The skill has noticeably improved, as well as some massage techniques have been added. I’m pleased to be the client of “Kerala” center, as always. Thank you!

    Alexey Gromov, engineer, Taichi instructor.
  • The massage after Panchakarma was really great (team №9). In comparison with the previous time the massage therapists’ skills have much improved and some new massage techniques have been added. As usual it is pleasant to be a client of the centre “Kerala”. Thank you!

    Gromov Alexey
  • I am highly and positively impressed by the work of guys from the 3 brigade. I want to return again and again to have their awesome massage, which I did with sincere joy during all period of  being under regular medical supervision. I want to thank them a lot for their responsibility, punctuality and professionalism. I want to thank a cook for a very-very tasty and aromatic rice. Thanks to all the stuff, who helped me to go through the procedure of panchakarma since 22 of July till 10 of August in 2017. I want to express special gratitude to charming doctor Kiran for his supporting and recommendations, given to get over my illnesses for a period of almost 2 years, for his attentiveness, delicacy and friendliness. All these resulted in achieving certain ameliorations in my health statement. I wish health, happiness and prosperity to the members of staff of “Kerala”!

    Olga Maklakova