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Medicines can be bought with money, but not health. No matter how much money you have, it will never bring you happiness, if you spend it on treatment. That is why health is the main treasure for the wise!

Despite the fact that medical services and medicines are constantly growing in price, disease statistics does not go down. We always speak about medicine and science in terms of progress, but, in fact, a disease is rarely cured completely. In most cases official medicine relieves only symptomatic sufferings, suppressing a disease and pushing it on a deeper level. But at the same time, a true doctor lives inside each of us – a natural healing power!

Have you ever noticed that many people spend a lot of money, time and effort on treating themselves and maintaining their health, and still they are always ill? However, others do not bother about their health, but still look and feel well in any situation? The point is that our health is directly connected with our beliefs.

Teach yourself to control your healing power and do yourself well!

At “Kerala” centre master Girish will conduct the workshop “Mudras – keys to natural recovery”, where he will speak about:
•five basics of absolute health,
•six ways to maintain absolute health,
•diseases and the way they evolve,
•3 natural healing processes and five artificial (and how they help us remain healthy),
•5 elements of the Universe,
•5 layers of a human being (panchamayakosha) and five types of wellbeing,
•what are mudras and how they can cure diseases.
You will learn how we mentally create reasons for our diseases and get “mental vaccination” against all diseases, having learnt to reprogram your mind for an absolute health!

We invite you for the workshop of Master Girish “Mudras – keys to natural healing” that will take place 05.12. from 19 00 till 22 00.
Price – 3 500 RUB
For booking call: + 7 (495) 646-13-31.