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We invite you to attend a workshop "Yoga for Runners", where you will learn how to transfer yoga from a rug to a distance in order to successfully run it, quickly and favorably recover after a race, to achieve better results.

With the weather changes running is becoming one of the most popular activities among sports enthusiasts and healthy lifestyle supporters. Throughout the world, many races are now held, including those for amateur athletes, and the most common of these is the marathon. But this one is also the most difficult, because not only speed is important, but also endurance, and moral preparation. And what can prepare both body and spirit, and then help to recover better than yoga?


Most runners, finding themselves at a distance, rush to the finish using their energy and stop listening their body. The main thing is to reach the finish line by all means. But true athletes know that in order to win both mind and body should play in one team. Carry yoga from the rug to the distance, and the synergy of the mind and body guarantees you a successful performance and a favorable recovery.



Yogic practices effectively promote the flow of blood to all muscles and protect the joints (relieving stress), preparing them for prolonged physical exertion. And at the same time, they develop strength, endurance and, more importantly, mentally help you to reach a new level of preparation, finish "alive" and ready for the next race.




At the seminar you will get acquainted with the practice:

• to increase the elasticity and strength of the muscles of the legs and back;

• to reduce fatigue and soreness of muscles and joints after running;

• to improve neuromuscular coordination (between activity of the brain and muscles), which is very important for runners.



June 3 (Sunday), 1 p.m.


Price: 1,000 RUB.

On the day of the workshop participants  are granted an additional 5% to the discount on the discount card for the purchase of a subscription to yoga.


For more details and booking call + 7 (495) 646 13 31.

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Pak Egor Viktorovich

    Head of a company

    Everything was great, thank you. Sunil is a wonderful teacher! He showed me real yoga and this discovery has proven to be very interesting and useful for my life. I liked Ksheeradhara, it was done in 4 hands and the performance was excellent.  

    Thank you!


    Pak Egor Viktorovich
  • Individual entrepreneur

    “Kerala” has a wonderful, very authentic atmosphere – it is an island of real India in Moscow! The instructors are all very different – for each taste and for people with different energetics. I liked it here very much!

    Thank you!

    Suhomlinova Viktoria Vladimirovna
  • I am grateful to the staff of the centre “Kerala” for a perfect atmosphere, consideration and understanding. Especially I would like to thank masters Shiva and Samjith for their wonderful lessons. Their mastery helps one merge into oneself, relax, realize their true desires; live more fully, filling up their vital resources. It is especially valuable to have such an opportunity in Moscow in a series of strenuous work days and stresses. I love your centre very much and I am grateful that you always consider suggestions from constant visitors.


    Chernyh Alla, manager
  • Artist

    I want to say thank you to Kerala center! It is been already six months since I became a regular guest of the center. First of all, I would like to thank all the girls from the reception desk for their excellent job and special care. Thank you so much girls for always being friendly, caring and warm-hearted.

    I usually attend to individual yoga practice with Shiva. Shiva is a very kind and devoted teacher. He always senses a delicate approach finding proper asanas and never pushes beyond my body limits. With that kind of approach the progress comes smooth and easily. Eventually it comes to the point that you can naturally achieve any physical aspect of asanas, and you are truly amazed by that fact! During his classes Shiva also pays lots of attention to pranayama techniques. All the time after the class I feel energized and inspired and want to come back to the class again and again. I am very satisfied with my result! For the past six months I was able to get rid of headaches and backache. I highly recommend Shiva as a premium yoga specialist.

    Sarvanga massage is a pure joy and nirvana. Massagists Shadi and Mukesh are highly professional specialists. After the massage course I was able to overcome depression, insomnia and headaches.

    Thank you so much again to Kerala center!


    Frolova Elena
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mohammedali for the treatment and thoughtfulness. Thanks to the 8th and 9th brigades for a high quality massage with steaming as well.

    Olga Rusan, designer