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Ayurveda and yoga center

About center

Ayurveda and yoga center KERALA is a real Indian oasis in Moscow. Here you will meet high-qualified specialists from India. Ancient secrets of health and long-living will be opened for you in this filled with exotic aromas Indian-spirited atmosphere.

In center KERALA the best Indian yoga teachers are sharing their knowledge, accumulated from various Yoga Universities, practicing in ashrams and improving their skills with prominent gurus. For curing various ailments, Yoga Therapy is another unique feature of our Center. Apart of daily classes, our center also holds yoga and Ayurveda workshops.

To keep and multiply nature beauty, we offer you to experience the magic of ayurvedic cosmetology — natural preparations and beauticians’ hands coax miracles. Face massages, pilings, cleansing, rejuvenating and shaping procedures, hair care, and depilation — with natural ingredients only.

There is also ayurvedic café in KERALA center.

Indian chiefs will regale you with home-taste and healthy vegetarian dishes. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in here. Or make take-away order and celebrate Day of Indian cuisine with your friends and family at home.

In our ayurvedic store you will find all necessary medications, unique oils from Kottakala that is in Kerala — Indian state called “the heart of Ayurveda”. We are exclusive providers of these products in Russia.

Visit center KERALA, and out specialists will become your guides on your way to prosperity, abundance and harmony!

Listen to our loyal customers

  • Artist

    I want to say thank you to Kerala center! It is been already six months since I became a regular guest of the center. First of all, I would like to thank all the girls from the reception desk for their excellent job and special care. Thank you so much girls for always being friendly, caring and warm-hearted.

    I usually attend to individual yoga practice with Shiva. Shiva is a very kind and devoted teacher. He always senses a delicate approach finding proper asanas and never pushes beyond my body limits. With that kind of approach the progress comes smooth and easily. Eventually it comes to the point that you can naturally achieve any physical aspect of asanas, and you are truly amazed by that fact! During his classes Shiva also pays lots of attention to pranayama techniques. All the time after the class I feel energized and inspired and want to come back to the class again and again. I am very satisfied with my result! For the past six months I was able to get rid of headaches and backache. I highly recommend Shiva as a premium yoga specialist.

    Sarvanga massage is a pure joy and nirvana. Massagists Shadi and Mukesh are highly professional specialists. After the massage course I was able to overcome depression, insomnia and headaches.

    Thank you so much again to Kerala center!


    Frolova Elena
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mohammedali for the treatment and thoughtfulness. Thanks to the 8th and 9th brigades for a high quality massage with steaming as well.

    Olga Rusan, designer
  • Thanks a lot for the great first yoga class with Sunil Dahiya. It was energetic,  emotional and very efficient. I’ve managed to do what I’ve never considered as possible. Your center is very cosy. Great thanks to “Kerala”!

    Ekaterina Tryasoulova, film director.
  • Thanks a lot to the massage team №1, Shidzha and Lidzha for a great massage.

    Alimova Yana Olegovna, teacher of a higher educational establishment
  • I enjoyed the massage by 9th group after Panchakarma. The skill has noticeably improved, as well as some massage techniques have been added. I’m pleased to be the client of “Kerala” center, as always. Thank you!

    Alexey Gromov, engineer, Taichi instructor.