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SOMA massage or Abhyanga is a classical ayurvedic procedure. The simultaneous four-hand oil massage allows to work softly through the whole body from toes to head with ayurvedic oils, thus giving effect on both physical and energetic levels.

Sanskrit word “soma” means “paradise”. This meaning wasn’t given by chance. During the procedure all 5 senses are synchronized and that leads to harmony and the joys of paradise.
The technique of this unique massage deals with nadi channels – “vessels” where prana or vital energy “flows”. It helps to remove all energetic blocks, so that prana starts circulating actively recharging organism and making it healthier and more energetic afterwards.

This truly unique massage can be done either as a curative or as a magical cosmetic procedure.
Everyone is recommended to have soma massage to keep health and juvenility for a long time. Especially it is irreplaceable for sportsmen, advanced yogis as it nourishes body tissues, accelerates recovering processes in organism after high physical activities or before serious trainings.

Massage oil is selected individually by an ayurvedic doctor.


•    Physical and energetic renewal of the whole body
•    For healthy people – health maintenance and disease prevention
•    Gentle body shape correction due to excretion of excess liquid from organism  
•    Boosting of rejuvenation process
•    During massage session, masseurs work through all muscles and joints.  
•    It is very effective for neuromuscular disorders.
•    Removal of spinal pains
•    Restoration of spine and joints mobility
•    Release of anxiety and a surge of vivid energy
•    Increase of libido and sexual energy
•    Physiological processes normalization
•    Stress and emotional tension release
•    Complete body relaxation and release of muscular blocks
•    Feeling of harmony and bliss
•    Skin and hair humifying and nourishing due to magnificent ayurvedic oil
•    Improves the condition of subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer, releases dystonia (especially with children)
•    Treatment from such diseases as: arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, osteoarthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis

Contra indications
•    Hypersensitivity to ingredients
•    Oncology

Duration – 1 hour
1 procedure  - RUB 4 600
3 procedures – RUB 4 450
5 procedures – RUB 4 400

You can reserve VIP – zone, the relaxation room with a separate washing room. Service price –  RUB 1000

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